Stuck in traffic.
The title of a children’s book I’d like to write:
Night owl.
Missed connection.
A favorite thing about mornings.
Outside the window.
Signs that this place has seen better days:
I’m fascinated by how people .
A random song that came on shuffle.
A recent dream in one paragraph:
Somewhere to travel to.
Imagine you’re walking down a road. Are you alone? Where are you headed? What do you see in front of you?
Better not bother.
The last time you told someone no.
The last thing you bought.
This fancy gadget.
On the subway, I overheard:
Something a stranger once said.
Where the ends there is a and .
What did the wall say to the other wall?
Write a haiku about your favorite season.
Recipe for romance.
Describe where you sleep each night.
So cheesy, it belongs on top of a pizza.
Used to be really into:
Then she raised her gaze to include the rest of us and .
One thing I wish I knew before today:
A favorite thing about afternoons.
Facebook status from a year ago:
The evening is . But when I turn off the highway, driving , I find that .
My inner child would love to this weekend. (So I will.)
A very fragile object.
An unrequited love poem.
Weird vs normal.
Imagine dragons.
The weather today.
The last mistake you made.
This coffeehouse.
This warm feeling.
Something a friend recently said that made me laugh:
Something I could watch forever.
The more I think about it, the more I realize that is a miracle.
Where do you always find your keys?
Write a note to yourself.
Five things that remind me of home:
Describe the last meal you had.
Current celebrity style icon:
Looking into the mirror, I see a with .
Then she went silent, but my impression was , because .
Five words that just popped into my head:
Good vibes.
A favorite thing about evenings.
Question for the universe:
We were by then, already . We’d been in getting ready for .
A natural wonder of the world.
A recent dream in eight words:
An ode to an interesting stranger on the street.
You died. You wake up. What do you see?
No answer.
The sound of silence.
The last thing you said to a child.
This funny slogan.
At the supermarket, I overheard:
Something a friend recently said that made me mad:
There is no , and the are surrounded with .
Never mind. Time to .
Write a short poem about your favorite book.
Grow something.
Three foods that make me nostalgic:
Describe what you’re wearing.
Currently really into:
I need more in my life.